it’s still just you and me angel.

do you remember our first new years eve together? There must have been a 100 people in that room. Yours was the only voice I heard that night, the only smile that mattered. We thought the future was ours for the taking and would last forever. I still can’t believe your gone. I just want you back home with me. I wish I could believe you were out there somewhere, that you could still be watching over me. People say that to me all the time you know, “she’s still there with you”, “talk and she hear you”. Neither of us ever believed that did we. I do try angel, it’s just so dark without you.

I dont have any fancy words to write this time.

I just miss you so much.


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2 Responses to 2010

  1. Dianne says:

    No fancy words Glenn…..there words from the heart, i have lost in a different way from you but i loved for 16 years with my whole heart and soul and i feel probably sometimes just as you do. You are an angel in my eyes, i often come onto your site to read and share your memories with Lindsay. All the words in history say that "if you hold them in your heart, they will be with you forever" and i believe that with my whole heart! a hug from me to you xxx

  2. sarah says:

    I really can feel the love from the bottom of your heart , you are really a special man ! Maybe i think that , if she saw your dairy will think something ! If i am the girl that you love , i think i will stay with you forever ! Sarah(wow-nike.com )

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