I think I still have the bump.

This is how Lindsay and I met for the very first time. We were both walking fast down two different streets, we both just happened to reach the streets intersection at the very same moment. we both happened, at the very moment we were turning the corner to look across to the other side of the road where a man and his girlfriend where having this awful viscous argument. So, not looking where we were going, and turning the corner, we smashed our heads together and both fell to the floor almost knocked spark out.

I saw her every day from then on until she was gone for ever.

Every single day.

Maybe not very romantic, but very very us.

It just shows, you never know what’s around the next corner waiting for you.

It may be just a painful bump on the head, yet it may also be something truly wonderful.

Rarely can it be both, but we were a bit special like that.

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