some nights i still really miss her, still seems to come as a shock. its like you go for days unknowing. Then, out of nowhere I get hit with a memory. Sometimes of something happy, something joyous, sometimes something tiny and to anyone else insignificant. But always strong. Like when you remember something because of a smell, the way the smell of a kid just home from school smelling of pencils and chalk can make you 8 years old again. I remember. And I fall.
It’ll pass, always does in a couple of days. I wish you all could have known her.
night, i need to get some sleep.

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1 Response to tonight

  1. sarah says:

    I feel that you really love her so much ! But you also should face the fact ! She will not come back to you ! Maybe it is right for her to leave you , just do as the god arrange ! The god let she leave you just want the other good person to meet you ! Do not think too much about love , it will harm you from the deep of your heart ! Good luck dear friend ! I hope you can find the one that you really love and she loves you too !I hope you will not be alone ! Try to find and strat a new life ! I hope you can do it ! Believe it do it !

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