And I miss home very much…

This happened a few days after the funeral.

well i have this wallet that i always use. always have it on me, and always know exactly what’s in there. There is obviously the section for the cash, then the little pockets where i keep cards and a place for things i carry around, keepsakes.

well one day i was out and took my wallet from my pocket (I’d looked in it about 3 hours before at cash point to put some money in it). well i took out my wallet and in the front section where you put paper money there was this scrap of paper.

A strip ripped off a spiral note pad,. you know like those little reporter pads. Anyway on the note was Lindsay’s writing. I know 100% it was her writing, even though it looks shaken and written hastily. I’d know it anywhere. seen it a million times. no mistake. well there was nothing there last time i had checked and the wallet had been in my pocket all that time between.

well i looked at the bit of paper which was folded in half all it said was these exact words

"And I miss home very much, Yes I miss home very "


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